What are the limits of Excel import?

I have a Dictionary of Terms in an Excel file that has 43K records. I have attempted to import this into a Glossary Grid on 2 separate occasions. It does not complete. I have attempted to debug this issue and Windows appears to suggest that this is waiting on network to complete.

I suspect, based on this info, may be caused by the fact that I have elected to store the Project on VPOnline. I am going to attempt to create this Glossary with the Project saved locally.

Am I asking too much of VP?

May you provide our log file (vp.log file) to us for checking any exception thrown during the excel importing?
(vp.log can be exported from Help > About Visual Paradigm … > Export Log File…)

Sorry, I am not sure do I understand the problem. You mean:
Import a 43000+ rows excel into VP, but the imported Glossary Terms are less than 43000
and you found Windows prompt: “waiting on network to complete”

You think the problem comes from your VP Project is a teamwork project.

about pt.B
It should not be a problem.
It is because, your VP Project (.vpp file) is checked out into your local disk.
And the actions of Excel importing, Glossary editing, Drawing on a diagram, etc… will not interact with VP-Online immediately.
So, there should be no any networking problem when you import an excel.

about pt.A,
if that message is prompted by Windows, I think it may be because the excel file is stored in a network drive, and something got wrong when reading the excel file? (It is my guess only… I never try it…)
(But no this case, I think no glossary term can be imported into VP. But now, you got some terms imported, some terms not…)