What database types does Visual Paradigm support?

What database types does Visual Paradigm support?
i.e. various versions of …
MS SQL Server?

I ask this question as I noted that Visual Paradigm ERD changes some data types from MS SQL Server 2017 … e.g. timestamp to datetime … (actually this is the only datatype I have found changed so far).
I’m starting to like this product more and more. Am doing a trial but think I will plan to buy a license !

(This might relate to the JDBC driver I have chosen for reverse engineer).

This Database Configuration display kind of answers my original question.

Perhaps my question is only:

Have people noticed MS SQL Server timestamp columns being shown as datetime in Visual Paradigm ERD? Is this an issue for other people ?

Hi allanford17,

Actually all versions of our listed DB should be supported (detail behavior could subject to the JDBC driver), and the version options in Database Configuration dialog is only affecting the variation on the datatype. For example, for SQL Server with version 2005 will have both datetime and timestamp as the standard data type, but switch to 2008 then the timestamp will consider as optional type (show in italic font in column specification dialog) since it is just synonym of rowversion. As long as the DB can handle those synonym then user should not experience any problem on it.

Best regards,
Rain Wong

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Hi Rain,

Thankyou for your reply.
I tried with a column of type rowversion but this also gets converted in VP ERD to datetime.

Should I try different DB connection options?
I am using this at present:

kind regards, Allan

This issue with rowversion datatype has been fixed in a patch now.
All good :slight_smile: