What technologies has been used for developing visual paradigm?

Hello friends.I am completely new to visual paradigm
Im very curious about the Visual Paradigm tool and i have some questions about the structure of the the application.
The first question i have is about the way visual paradigm has been developed.
I want to know what programming language(s) or framework(s) has been used for developing visual paradigm tool
And another question is about how it store data ? Is it file based or it use an embedded database.And if is the second one ,what kind of database has been used for the program and does it let us to connect to it directly from outside of program ?
I will appreciate any answer
Thanks you all

Visual Paradigm is a huge product which incorporates a large collection of techniques, programming languages and frameworks. As an experienced user of VP, I think the main programming language VP use for building the software is Java (as it depends on the JVM)

There are many other features such as web, cloud enabled features, could be ranging from GWT, Javascipt, web React UI framework and etc as for as I know.

If you try to understand the .VPP it definitely use a mixture of XML and database tables repository. I believe which as database to be used embedded is transparent to users which does effect the usages of it.

Moreover, it has is self-host repository and the new VP online, the framework and technologies used is even more diversified. It will require a great deal of effort to find it out

Help the answer helps!