When I include a diagram into a new one, sub diagrams or text nodes are not displayed

Hi. I created a project with different activity diagrams. When I try to include these diagrams to a single one, not all parts are displayed correctly. I just open the diagram navigator and drag all diagrams into the new diagram overview. Especially text nodes, for example some note element, or sub diagrams are not visible. But if I open the original one, all elements are visible as expected. It is just the included diagram, that does not show all parts of the original one. The attached file show this issue. The left diagram is the original one. The right one is included in other diagrams. All note elements of the original one are displayed but without any text. The sub diagram of the left diagram is completely missing on the right. Thank you for helping.

Hi xSmorpheusSx,

This is due to displaying of rich text or sub-level diagram overview in diagram overview shape may cause performance issues, so we default do not display them. To get them displayed, you need to turn on two options:

Note that you may need to modify the referenced diagram content slightly to force re-generation of diagram thumbnail/preview.

Hope this could help,


Thank you Antony, after checking these two settings the diagram still looked the same. But after moving some shapes of the sub diagram slightly, the view got refreshed and everything looks fine now. Thank you.