When mouse is over any shape in any diagram, the suggestions surrounding that shape disappear before the mouse can reach them

As you know, when you are drawing in a diagram, the shapes are surrounded by suggested actions when the mouse is over that shape. I used to be able to move the mouse over any of those suggestions and perform that drawing action (e.g. draw command line to exit circle). Lately, however, the instant the mouse leaves the shape, the suggestions all disappear and I can’t reach them with the mouse.

May I know you are using the desktop version of our product? or the online version?

I’m using the desktop version - Dell Latitude E7250, Windows 10.

Thanks for replying. Would you please send me a screenshot of the of your your VP desktop application, with element selected (showing the Resource Centric icons) to have a look?

Here it is, thank you.

Thanks for the screenshot. Would you please go to Window > Application Option > Diagramming > Resource Centric and see what is the Auto hide delay being configured?

It’s “always show”.

Thanks for your screenshot. For your case the problem is not caused by setting the “Auto hide resources delay”, but on the Show resources delay. As you set the show delay to “0”, in your case once you mouse move out of child action then it immediately trigger the display of resource in parent activity. Since we do not support showing resources for multiple elements on diagram, therefore the resource on child action immediately being hide away (so that it can display the resources on parent element). It is recommend to give some delay on show resources to avoid this situation.

Thank you so much. I set it to 0.25 and everything works great. Thanks for your time

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You are welcome :wink: