When VP on Yosemite? Now doesn't work on Mac

In OS X Yosemite Apple riped off old and buggy Java 1.6. The recommended Java for OS X now is Oracla Java, always up to date and mainained by Oracle.

But Visual Paradigm doesn’t recognize installed Oracle Java 8 and request outdated Java 1.6.

I don’t know is it funny or not but the VP software is useless.

I will not downgrade Java to not supported Java 1.6.

Installation either by installer software or by drag&drop packed version is impossible without old Java.

Thank you for your inquiry. We know that Yosemite removed the old Apple maintained Java 1.6, and Java is now maintained by Oracle. We do tried to upgrade the Mac version of our product to Oracle’s Java 1.7, but the Java 1.7 is far more buggy then the old Apple’s Java 1.6 and it pushing us backward (in fact, other popular Java apps such as NetBeans suffer the same problem as we experienced). This is why still relay on Apple’s Java 1.6 (which at least allow the software run stably).

But it didn’t mean things won’t change. We tested with the latest Oracle’s Java 1.8 and it seems quite stable. We decided the coming v12.0 will upgrade the Mac version to work with Java 1.8. Stay tune to our website about the new release!

Feel free to contact me for any questions and wish you have a good day!

Best regards,
Rain Wong