Where is Find within Project Explorer?

I am not seeing a Find function that works within the Project Explorer.

  • CTR F gives a search in a diagram, but I am looking to find in the Project Explorer.
  • Project Browser has a find function. But I am not seeing an option on the found elements to highlight in the Project Browser.

It seems to exists because I saw a screen shot in a forum question.

Certainly I cant find the button to get there, or documentation on the Find function.

we had the same issue in our company as well. From my POV there are two options

You can either

Click on the Advanced Button while in a diagram and pressing CTR F then the advanced search opens


(which is my recommendation) switch to classic appearance of the application via Application Options >> Appearance >> User Interface >> Classic
Then CTR F always opens the advanced search and works from everywhere in the application

Have fun

Oh thank you! There is no way I would have found that.