Where to find the Relationship Specification in the "Model"


I reversed engineered a large client DB into VP. Because of the number of tables, I want to create many ERDs, each covering a “topic” area.

When I drag a table from the Model into my diagram, I see that some columns are foreign keys. I then want to add their primary tables into this diagram.

However, the initial database creators were very original in naming the columns. For example, a column DEPARTMENT may actual refer to the DIVISION table. This one is easy, other are way more obscure, such as a column TYPE that refer to one of about 20 tables named xyz_TYPE (but which one?).

My question is how can I see the definition of the Foreign Key relation without having to drag all tables into my diagram to have VP show the defined relation?


Hi Michel,

You may find the " Visualize related model elements" feature useful:

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Thanks, that is what I was looking for.

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