Which diagrams generate code with the professional editions of VP and SDE?

VP-for-UML, professional and SDE, professional:

From which UML diagrams can I generate code, with the professional editions?

Structural Diagrams:
• Class (ok)
• Object ?
• Composite ?
• Package ?
• Component ?
• Deployment ?

Behavioral Diagrams:
• Use Case ?
• Communication ?
• Sequence ?
• Interaction Overview?
• Activity?
• State?
• Timing?

What about the “proprietary” diagrams ?

So which diagram may generate code,
with which diagrams NEVER EVER ( sequence diagram ?),
and with which diagrams MAYBE in the future ?


Hi Rolf,

Currently, we support code generation from Class Diagram. We are planning to support code generation from behavioral diagrams such as Sequence Diagram.

Best Regards,