Which Visual Paradigm version needed to do Python revers

Hello I used a free demo version of Visual Paradigm and I was able to reverse Python code to create class diagram and I was happy, so I decided to buy the tool , I choose for the Modeler version, but the Tool>Code>Instant Reverse are always grey ā€¦ Maybe I had to choose another level of Visual Paradigm or I do something wrong

Thanks for your advices

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Hi Pwalkour,

Thank you for choosing our product and Iā€™m sorry that the code engineering features (including Python) are supported in Standard Edition or above. You can upgrade your license to Standard Edition by paying the price difference. Would you please send me your license details to sales-team@visual-paradigm.com so that I can help you on the upgrade? Look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Rain Wong

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