White screen in VP_Suite_Linux_3_0_sp2_20070612 installation


I’am under mandriva 2007.1 Spring and i’am trying to use the community edition.

When i start the installer, the first screen is white. Nothink is displayed on it.
But when i click on the icon to close the window, the warning message is correctly displayed.

Then it is not a jre problem.

I have tried to use the non installation package when i start the application i have the same problem.

The windows is displayed but nothing is displayed on it.

I have already installed the community edition on 2007.1 but not in this version.

Please, help me.

Thank you.

Hi user,

Could you lookup your temp folder, and see if there are any log files generated there? If yes, please post here. Please also provide some screenshots to visualize your problem. Thank you.

Best regards,

Have you got beryl or compiz running? If so, then do an ‘export AWT_TOOLKIT=MToolkit’ before starting the installation or program. You also can add this command to your bashrc.

Regards Frank