Why doesn't VP 15 support C# auto-implemented getters and setters?

I’m trying to generate auto-implemented getters and setters from diagram classes.
Also I’m trying to generate uml classes from C# code.
There are no properies generated in each cases.
Is there any way to enable support for these properties?

My IDE is Visual Studio 2017

Hi Alexander,

If you set the “Getter” and “Setter” properties of an attribute, it’ll generate property implementation by template defined in application option. But auto-implemented properties are currently not supported.

And reverse auto-implemented properties from C# code to UML is already supported.

Hi Kit.So!

Thank you for you answer.
I tried to do so and it works!
But I can’t do the same thing with properties for associations.
I’ve opened an attributes window of an association, selected “role” and choose there “public”, “provide property getter method” and “provide property setter method”. The bad thing is that no properties were generated. There was only private field.

Is it bug or I made a mistake in something?

Best Regards,

Update: After recreation of associations between classes the properties began to work.
I don’t know why:-)

So, the topic could be closed.
Thank you!