Why it does not let me renaming table

I am unable to rename a table to xxx-M10. Is M10 specially reserved suffix? Please see the attached screenshot. It always ask me to make the table a view.

This message is to inform you that you trying to rename your entity to something which already exist in repository, while both entities do have different columns defined. If you press Yes to proceed then the entitle will become one of the auxiliary view of the xxx-M10 entity, and the original columns defined in that entity will gone.

Thanks Rain. That stranges as I don’t have another entity has the same name as the xxx-M10 entity. Is that because there is some hidden cache ?

Didn’t have the entity xxx-M10 on diagram doesn’t means it not exist in project. I suggest you search the model in Model Explorer, or using the found facilities in Project Browser (search box at top right) and should find the same named entity in project.