Why not all class has a connection?


I upload all my class but when I used in visual paragim not all class has a connection like main or ErrorMessage.

How can I show all connections?
I am very new with this software.

probably that classes declared as data types…

That class is the first class which java call.

Hi Osion,

Thank you for your post. Listed below are some common causes of relationships’ creation.

  • Inheritance
  • Type of global attributes
  • Type of operation parameter
  • The return type of operation

Note that the body of operations will not be analyzed.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung

Which is the main reason for establishing relationships among classes? Relationships leads us to more compact code, so we can less attributes and behaviors in the derived object. With relationships, we understand the world around us much easier. Relationships allows us to re-use of code.