Why SDE create "filename2.VB" ? help

Hi all
I’m new in Visual paradigm, I just buy SDE for .net, and after create a new form it create another VB file as the same name but plus 2 and have a feel errors inside.

like if I create “Form1.vb” it create "Form12.vb"
and inside of have some erro like

Protected NotOverridable Function Dispose(ByVal disposing As System.Boolean) As System.Void
Throw New System.Exception(“Not implemented”)
End Function

the "NotOverridable " and “System.Void” was said error, does SDE compose as error .net language?

I’m using VB.net

Dear Franklin,

Sorry for my late response. Our engineers cannot reproduce your problem. Could you mind tell me more information about your problem? If possible, please send me your projects for investigation. You can send it to rain@visual-paradigm.com or through the private message. Thanks in advance and I’m looking forward to hear your reply.

Best regards,