Windows scale support lacking

The application still does not support scaling by default. When using a bigger resolution monitor (4K for example) it is totally normal to set scaling value to 200% in Windows. This leads to partial rendering of texts in the model explorer (and probably in other tree components as well).

I made a screenshot of the issue (check the missing L character at the end of the text in the tree for the selected entry):


Thank you for your inquiry. Would you please send me a screenshot of the Help > About dialog of your VP Application so that I can see which version & build number of our application you using? Look forward to hearing from you.



This is the version I am currently using!

An interesting part is that blocks are not rendered correctly (the last X characters are cut down) however the associations are. Strange.

Thanks for the details. Would you please also send me a screenshot of Window > Application Options > General > Appearance > Font to have a look? Look forward to hearing from you.


This one?

Yes, this is the one I look for. Would you please try uncheck the Change application font and Use system font setting, then restart the application and see it it behave better? Look forward to hearing from you.

It’s a little bit better, but not perfect (it seems that the last couple of pixels are cut off)


Thanks for the screenshot and let me check.