Word wrap in components

Hi, just curious if it is possible to have the component names doing some nifty word wrapping when they become too long to fit in the box.
Currently the name is truncated so you miss out on interesting bits.

Hi Henk,

This feature is not implemented, however you may be interested to know, there is an auto-resize button which sizes the components to the length of the text. The button is round and located at the bottom right corner after you select the component.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the tip Martyn, I did notice this feature.
Doing this would make quite a few boxes too wide, taking up lots of space and not leaving enough room.
At the moment my work around is to put hard returns in component and class names. Obviously this creates other problems.

Are there any plans of supporting word wrap in the near future?
vote +1 from me :slight_smile:

I just started using VP after using Rational Rose for quite some time, and the lack of word wrap was one of the first things I noticed about VP. However, after I discovered that hard returns could be used to ‘force’ word wrap, I found that this method may have an advantage over ‘automatic’ word wrap: with the automatic wrap in Rose I often had to spend quite a lot of time fiddling with the size and shape of an enclosing object to get the text layout that I wanted. With VP it can be much easier: insert returns where I want them to format the caption, then just hit the auto-size button to size the object. I find that most of the time the object is sized just the way I would do it, and the caption is always laid out just the way I want.
If word wrap is implemented, I hope that hard returns remain.