Word-Wrap in Data Dictionnary

In SDE for VS.NET, the class description field for candidate classes does not wrap text automatically. I expanded a row to make room for a long description, but the text does not wrap.

Is this by design or is this a bug? In any case, this needs to be fixed!


Hi Gilles
This is not a bug. We know that description may be very long. And we design that user can make a new line at any position. You just press to make a new line when you are editing description. Double click the column title of data dictionary to auto fit the width of that column. Right click the column title of data dictionary to invoke a popup menu. You can set the visibility of columns with this popup menu.
I hope I can answer you question.
Thanks for using SDE for VS.NET

Has this been resolved in more recent releases or must you still choose a new line? If it has been resolved how do you set it up for word wrap?