Word-wrap in Reports

When I drop a use case description onto a report, a table is generated, with each step of the use case occupying it’s own box. That’s fine, but the text in each box is not justified correctly. Words are wrapped at inappropriate points, and it makes the report very difficult to read.

Does anyone have a solution for this?



Dear Matthew,

If possible, could you please send me your project file so that I can better understand what the situation really is? You can reach me at:

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I have the same complaint. By default, the system side in use case details is not left justified, and both sides do not implement word wrapping correctly. Also, what you see in the VP view is not what gets generated in the PDF view. :frowning: Most of my text is cut off and I have to manually figure out where to put carriage returns.

Hi Travis and Anonymous,

The justification of system response was done deliberately rather than a bug. But as long as you have this feedback, we will carefully consider to make it left-aligned.

I am unable to reproduce the problem of wrapping. In fact, I was informed that a fix has been made recently regarding a wrapping issue happened in Report Writer. I think that the problem you encountered will no longer occur in the latest release. If you don’t mind, you may send me your project so that I can check it for you.

Would you mind telling me more about the problem related to PDF report generation? Could you please send me a screenshot about this problem? Thank you very much.

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Hi Matthew,

The line wrapping problem in Report Writer is fixed and deployed as a hotfix. Please download the hotfix here:

The following article shows you how to apply the hotfix to your VP Suite installation:

If there are any further inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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