Working with Eclipse SDE. Lost model

Hi, I’ve seen similar topics around this forum, but no definitive answers.

This is the situation: We’ve been working on a project using SDE for Eclipse Enterprise Edition (SP2). Commiting to and updating from a SVN server was normal, until a day ago. There was a big model rearrangement. We commited this new revision and everything was fine, until we downloaded it from the SVN. Part of the model was lost or at least its ordering was, which caused the views to lose its bindings. Now this is happening on regular bases, and we cannot find a pattern that describes or explains the cause of this problem.

The Eclipse version is Ganymede (3.4.2). The SVN server is running on Ubuntu. If you need any more information ask me please? I’d like to know the solution to this problem.


(I attached the log)

Hi Dicardo,

Thanks for your message. I’ve moved this issue to our online ticket system ( for a faster response time. We will reply you shortly and you should receive an E-mail sent by our support team very soon. You can respond by logging into our ticket system or by replying that E-mail. If you do not receive one, it is possible that the security settings of your E-mail program are preventing our E-mail from being delivered to you. Please find it from the junk or trash folders.

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Lilian Wong