we are learning to use VP-UML (CE), on a Windows platform. The program is rather large.
We have discovered that exchanging project files doesn’t work, because bits get lost (for example, some of the “name” property of cases in a use case diagram). :frowning:
From the documentation, it looks as if we need a shared workspace.
If we put the shared workspace on a server on the LAN, will we still be able to work, or will the program get slower?
How much data does the program keep in the workspace, and how much can be kept locally?
Is there an alternative?
thanks in advance,

Hello Simon,

The workspace is mainly for storing the preference setting. You can also store the project inside or outside the workspace. The workspace should not be shared across users. About sharing project, the most appropriate way is using the Teamwork Server or other version server we supported (CVS, SVN and Perforce). If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Rain Wong

I’m afraid my question was not very clear.

Am I doing something wrong if bits of project get lost, when transferring to another user, or is there a bug in the program?

We have discovered that transferring the WHOLE workspace from one user to another avoids this problem.

While we are still evaluating the product, I would rather avoid having to set up a CVS or SVN server. It is not a 5 minute operation, as I remember.
Also it is not supported in the Community Edition.
It would be nice to know that the product works OK, before buying a licence.

Hi Simon,

Sorry for our late reply. How did you share your work with your colleagues? If you send them the .vpp file (VP’s native project file format) to let them open, we are very, very sure that no data will be lost. Are you trying to share one workspace for multiple users to work simultaneously? This may cause problem because our workspace mechanism is user specific. In other words, 2 users should have 2 different workspace, one in each machine.

As a suggestion, you may consider to evaluate the Modeler (or above) Edition which supports export/import of project file. With this feature, you can export part or all of your works to a project file, let your colleagues to work with that, and combine their work back into your project. To learn more about project exporting, please watch the movie at:

Another suggestion is to use our Teamwork Server to manage the team development environment. The setup is much easier than SVN and CVS. We can even help you setup your environment by request. For more information about Teamwork Server, please read the following page:

Hope this helps. Please feel free to contact us again if there are any questions in further.

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