Wrapping object labels in diagrams

Is there a way of enforcing a line end in the label of an object, like an activity or a use case, in a diagram. It would improve the usability of diagrams if all the labels were not constrained to a single line each.



Hi Ian,

I suggest you insert the break manually, you can do this by pressing ctrl-enter when editing a shape inline.

Hope this helps.

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I understand that there is no way to automatically warp the text?

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Hi Peter,

Thanks for your post. In fact, in our latest version, VP Suite 3.4 SP1 (covers Agilian 1.4 SP1), we support automatic wrap text in common model elements. The name of shape will fit into the shape size with line-break added, for details please read:

BTW, the latest version can be downloaded from the following link:

If there is any further inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Lilian Wong