Writer pane is gray and inactive

I’m using VP UML PE evaluation and am trying to use the report writer.

After selecting to create a new report, identifying a template and clicking ‘OK’, but the writer pane is gray and inactive.

I’ve reinstalled the report engine many times and I’ve reinstalled VP as well with no avail.

Hi Anonymous,

Could you please send me the vp.log file in the %VP-Suite-Home%/bin directory for finding the problem? My email address is jick@visual-paradigm.com

Best Regards,

I am having this exact same problem. Could you give me some insight in how it was fixed.

Dennis Woolsey

Dear Dennis,

Thank you for your message. Could you mind tell me did you Windows system user name containing any space character? We found that the Windows system user name with space character will cause problem when starting the Report Writer. This problem can be solved by creating another account without space characters in the user name. If this cannot solve your problem, could you mind send me the vp.log file to have a look? You can find the vp.log file inside the bin folder of the VP Suite. Please send it to rain@visual-paradigm.com directly. Thanks in advance!

Best regards,