Writer Template


In hint is written ‘Create a folder in USER_HOME_DIR, with folder name ‘vpreporttemplates’’

Can somebody help me and tell me what USER_HOME_DIR is?
I am using windowsXP


Hi again.

An other question to the Writer.

Can I build the same tables as in the automatic report?
E.g. all Elements with documentation of an activity diagram?
I only see the “children” table, but there is only name and type, the documentation is missing in that table.

Can somebody give me some hints.


Hello hsander,

USER_HOME_DIR compose of the name of the user account that you used to log into Windows. An example could be:
C:\Documents and Settings\Jick

I regret that we do not support the kind of template that you are looking for. We will investigate if we can support it. By the way, have you ever considered other report generation features such as PDF, HTML and Project Publisher? They support showing elements name and documentation in one table.

Best regards,