Wrong values for "Author" field in use case generated documentation

Under Agilian Standard 2.2 (Build sp2_20100421t) in Windows Vista.

My user account was “oldName”. Since I didn’t like it in reports, I changed it to “newName” using the Control Panel. However, Agilian shows a mix of both usernames in the Author field of generated documentation.

To recreate:
Create a new project. In the popup, set “projectAuthor” as the author.
Create a new use case diagram. Drag an actor, and from it create a use case.
Create a pdf report including everything, putting the username in the footer.

In the report, the footer shows oldName. In the Stereotypes section most items have oldName as Author, except Super Use Case, Date and Brief Description, which have newName. In the Use Case Diagrams section most items have projectAuthor as Author, except the Use Case Description, which has oldName.

In the diagram, the Use Case Specification has projectAuthor in the Project Management tab; Configure Lookups shows only oldName and projectAuthor in the Author tab. Deleting oldName from this list doesn’t seem to have any effect on the Author of new use cases.

I’m not sure about the intended interaction between project author and username; I would like to set an application-wide value for Author on all my edits that always overrides the account username. A way to batch edit just the Author field in elements would be useful.

Thank you

It’s the original poster again; it seems this is caused by an ancient Java bug in how they obtain the user.name property in Windows. Still, is odd Agilian gets the right value in some places.

Partial solution: Agilian includes some batch files to automate tasks. Edit the one that runs Agilian to pass the value you want for the user.name property, then run the script directly, not the launcher.
The value you set now appears in some places of the report, but most Stereotypes still have the wrong oldName value.
You can check the current value for user.name in About->Environment.

Is there a better solution for this? I’d rather not search and replace in a Word report. Fixing it element by element is out of the question.

Thank you.

Thank you for your message and I’ve forwarded the issue to our engineers to follow-up. And I’ll get back to you once there are any feedback. Feel free to contact me if you need any help.

Best regards,
Rain Wong