XMI import tag="documentation"

When I export to XMI from another than VP application I have tag=“documentation” having the description of the element in there.

(Both activity and class diagram), however when I import this into VP, the description/documentation is not shown.

Does VP import brings documentation across?


Dear Henk,

Sorry for my late response. Could you mind tell me what version of the software that you are using? The documentation will bring across the applications if the is generated/imported by VP Suite 2.0 applications.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us again.

Best regards,

No problem re reply.

The thirdparty uses Provision it is exported to xmi. See the header below

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
  • <XMI.header>
    <XMI.model xmi.name=“xxxxxxxxxxxx” href=“xxxxxxxxxxx.xml” />
    <xmi.metamodel xmi.name=“UML” xmi.version=“1.3” />
  • <XMI.Documentation>

So technically the UML should be compliant. The document is in the tag as shown below.

  • <UML:TaggedValue xmi.id=“6206” tag=“documentation” value=“documentation fits in this tag. bbla bla bla contains removed for privacy purposes.”>
    <Foundation.Core.Classifier xmi.idref=“3108” />

What happens is that the class is imported but the documentation (description) is not.

Hope this helps.


Dear Henk,

Thanks for your reply. The problem should be caused by the incompatibility of XMI versions. The sample you provided should be XMI 1.1. Our system will to import the XMI no matter what version (although it only supports XMI 1.2). Therefore some models will be imported and some are missing.

We will support the import of XMI 1.0/1.1 very soon. I’ll notify you once the feature is ready. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

Best regards,

No drama mate,

Will the XMI 1.0/1.1 be supported for both versions of VP-UML (4.1 and 5.0) or only for version 5.0.

Would appreciate if you could “step-on-it” to get this fixed, because I am waiting for this fix urgently.

Thanks very much.