XMI import

I am trying to import an xmi project file from Poseidon 1.6.1 CE (extracted from the zargo files) but I cannot see them in VP UML CE… is the xmi version the wrong one?
file attached…


Since different vendor support different level of XMI, it is quite difficult to consider all vendor’s XMI. We support full XMI from Together.

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Hy, I had exactly the same problem. VP doc states it imports XMI V1.0. Poseidon seems to generate an V1.2 file.

2 questions regarding this :

  • Do you plan to support V1.2 at any time?
  • I was quite surprised that VP UML processed the input file without any error message. Unfortunately it didn’t import anything. Generally I strongly prefer tools that report problems to the user instead of silently ignoring the input. Is there any chance to get some import report from VP UML?

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For me VP would be a replacement for Poseidon, which I consider to be adequate, but not excellent. VP seems to be the stretch I’m looking for. So import from Poseidon 1.6.1 would be a really important feature, because we have a lot of Poseidon based architectures and designs that I’m not really looking forward to in re-doing in VP.

So an import of Poseidon in VP would be very welcome.


Hi Ivan,

I have reason to believe that Poiseidon can export to XMI which can then be imported to VP-UML.

I hope this answers your question.


Hi Martyn and the other forum members,

Poseidon creates a .ZARGO file which is just a ZIP file, in it there is a .XMI file, which VP UML 3.0 Pro refuses to import.
In the meantime I used a friend’s copy of Together CC 6.0.1 to import Poseidon’s XMI and then import Together’s exported XMI into VP UML 3.0 Pro and that seemed to be working until I got a message that the eval version would only import so many objects or something. Which is a shame. We just don’t have that many time on our hands to evaluate other products without using our own projects with them and btw that seems to me the only way to actually evaluate a product, by using it in day to day work. Sofar I haven’t been able to do that with VP. This weekend I will give it a try by redoing the work in my own spare time.
But if there are other ways you would suggest me to consider, that would be nice.


Hi Martin,

I think it is a big disadvantage of VP that it is using well outdated version of XMI (1.1 dated 02/11/2000 !) when current version is 1.2 and 2.0. Poseidon is using v.1.2 for a year by now and from previous messages in this topic I don’t see that you even have plans for supporting it. In Poseidon it is not possible to specify the version for XMI file on export, so it sadly makes it impossible for us to transfer any projects to VP and therefore to switch to using VP in our development.


Dear Oleg,

Thank you for your email. The current version of VP supports both import of XMI 1.2 also export of XMI 1.2 for UML 1.x to 2.0. Please download the latest version and have a try. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us again.

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I have installed Poseidon 3.2.1 and VP-UML 5.1 on my machine. They both claim that they use xmi 1.2, but I cannot transfer diagrams beetwen them. VP-UML imports xmi file generated by Poseidon without any warning, but imported use case diagram is empty.

I attach xmi file exported from Poseidon containing use case diagram with one actor and one use case.
I also attach vp.log from unsuccessful import of this diagram.

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Hi Krzysiek,

Sorry for the XMI import problem. I have passed the XMI and log file to our engineers to see if it helps them determine the cause of your import problem. Please be patient and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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Dear Krzysiek,

We found that your XMI file is corrupted. If you open it in IE., you would found that it is unable to display properly. Therefore, could you please check if this is the cause of problem?

Look forward to hearing from you again.

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