Your project doesn't belong to the currently logged-in server


I had a battery issue that forced to shutdown my computer as I the desktop application was running. The opened project was an online project, but as I was without any network connection, it has been quite some time before any sync.

Unfortunately, I am unable to get back my work : the online version is not up-to-date (which is normal), an I have a frustrating issue with the local save.

I cannot recover or load it : the thumbnail when I select the project shows the project as it was last saved, but trying to open it leads to this message : Your project doesn’t belong to the currently logged-in server

The diagram appears in the diagram navigator, but I cannot access it.

Is there a way for me to get my work back? What does this error message means?

Thanks in any case for any help you can provide!


Dear Lomig,

Thank you four your post. It looks like you are opening a different local workspace folder that stores the connection information of another online workspace. Please following the article below to switch to the correct workspace folder, or a new workspace folder and checkout your work again.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung