Your suggestions about a Class diagram

Hello everyone,
I’m new in the uml world and i have to develop a warehouse management software for my company. Here’s the application description:

  • The storekeeper must establish a purchase request and the system have to print a copy of it with barecode.
  • The purchasing manager should generate the order by scanning the barecode of the purshare order(s) concerned. the system should print 2 copies of the order with a bar code. an order for the warehouse, the other for the supplier.
  • Upon receipt of the goods, the warehouseman shall generate a receipt based on information from the order form. Labels will be printed and then glued to the packages received.
  • When the storekeeper wants to deliver a package to the production, it must scan the bar code on the label concerned.
    The warehouseman may issue a delivery order to the supplier in case of non-compliant products.
    The warehouse will receive a product from production when not using it (sections of the plant).
    Here’s the diagram, i’m waiting for your suggestion pleaaaaase :slight_smile: