ZipException during installation of VP Suite 2.3

I’m trying to install the CE of VP for UML (VP_Suite_Windows_2_3_sp3_20061111.exe) on my WinXP Pro machine.

Unfortunately the installation fails :frowning:
I get a [ oversubscribed dynamic bit lengths tree] exception during the installation of vpplatform.jar

System properties (partial info of the error log file):™ 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition
java.vm.vendor=Sun Microsystems Inc.

Any idea what the problem is ?
What is the required/supported Java VM version ?

The complete error log file can be found in the attachment.


Here’s the complete error log file.

Hi user,

I am sorry about this. We are checking the problem. Could you try the No-Install version first? You can download the No-Install version from our download page as well.

Best regards,

I downloaded the no-install zip file and it inflated all files without problems, including the vpplatform.jar which caused the
In the meantime I installed the most recent release of J2SE, but this does not resolve the exception.
Please let me know what to do next (I find a VP Suite.exe under the bin directory but did not yet launch it).


Hi Frans,

Thank you for your reply. Please run the VP Suite.exe in the $vp-suite-install-folder/bin folder to install the product that you want to use. After the installation has been completed, you can start the application by running the launcher files under $vp-suite-install-folder/launcher

Best regards,