2 questions wrt. usage in Visual Studio 2012

Hi gang,

First of all I’d like to compliment you guys with the sheer flexibility of VP-UML. My company is currently in the process of moving away from Java EE / JSP to ASP.NET and its a very pleasant and re-assuring thought that I can continue to work with VP-UML as I always have.

I have 2 questions though… When I start VP-UML I noticed that it always comes up with a default set of panels even after you closed several panels manually. In NetBeans it used to remember which panels were left open so when you reloaded a project only those panels would show up again.

Is this behaviour also possible within Visual Studio 2012 or is this a limitation of working in the VS environment ?

And second… I’m currently working heavily with ASP.NET Forms projects, and VP-UML always requires the ASP system folder “App_Code” to be present, even though it uses a completely different root folder itself (vpproject). Would it be possible to skip this dependency somehow? Because it makes little sense to keep an empty folder around merely because VP_UML requires it.

And on that subject; I wonder if it wouldn’t make more sense to use or require App_Data instead of App_Code. The latter is normally used to put in source code for compiling within your project, whereas the App_Data is specifically designed to hold binary data like SQL data files or binary support files.

Thanks in advance for any answers you can provide me with and do keep up the good work. Working with VP-UML in Visual Studio is just as pleasant and helpful as it was in NetBeans. I’m really impressed with the way it still manages to blend into my workflow.