Access to Tasifier Itmes with Open API

Hi guys,
Is there any way to access tasifier items programmatically using Open API ?
Some actions like Create Tasks,pools or Reading and Updating existing tasks ,etc

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Any idea ??? :thinking:

Thank you for using Tasifier.

I’m sorry that Open API does not support on access to Tasifier Items now.
But we had evaluated about providing REST API on access tasks in Tasifier and user stories in Agile.

Would you share about your use case with open api?

Hi dear mercus
Recently i had an experience in working with Tasifier and realized that it does not support all features that i want. So i decided to develop a plugin to extend functionalities of Tasifier and add more features to it.

Is this idea possible at all ?

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Sorry for a late response, I only now noticed the thread (again).

Keep in mind that Tasifier is an online feature; it is provided through VP Online and therefor not covered within the OpenAPI (which focuses on VP desktop functionality). So to extend on that… I don’t think that’ll work.

I guess it depends on your goals. If you don’t mind me asking: which features were you looking for within Tasifier?

I mean; I could imagine you setting up a plugin which provides a specific feature set where you can then use the results of that plugin within Tasifier again. So: without the plugin accessing Tasifier itself.

Or… set it up so you can handle your tasklist internally. I assume that’s what you were referring to, and a simple ‘todo’ shouldn’t be all too problematic.

Hi ShelLuser ,
thanks for your reply,

As i mentioned in my first post on this topic, i want to add some useful features to Tasifier. I think this features can make Tasifier a very better tool for managing tasks and projects. at this moment i’m thinking about some reporting functionalities that analyse each user according to the tasks that he performed and etc.

I know Tasifier is a web based application but i guess maybe i can integrate it to openApi by using JSP or REST APIes.

Regarding usecases - e.g. currently if I change the duration of task, Tassifier doesn’t change the start time of all the dependent tasks, so Gantt is not very useful. It would be possible to implement the feature by ourselves, if we would have the Rest API for Tassifier (it would be a good idea to have it to all of your cloud products, actually)