Action aborted since the chosen file is currently in use

Hi every body,
I’m using visual paradigm 15.0 professional edition.
Some times when i try to open a project that is shared between a team this error occurred:
“Action aborted since the chosen file is currently in use”
Why is this for ?
Thanks in advance

Hi Mamad,

When you open a project, the project file will be locked. If you open this project again with another VP instance, you’ll get this message.

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But this error will show even when i close the project and reopen it also after closing VP client and reopening it.

Usually i solve this problem by deleting project files from my Hard Disk and checkout it again from server.

I guess the problem is on well closing project i mean the project does not close properly and VP thinks its open yet while i close it before.

How can i find the source of this problem ? I mean the source that made the project stay open after i close it .

Does project logs can help me find the cause of this problem ?

Hi Mamad,

I can take a look on the log file, you can send it to and include the link to this post in the Email.
And I’d like to get more details:

  1. Visual Paradigm version
  2. Have reference projects or referenced by other project?
  3. Is teamwork project?

I will keep in touch with you with the email.
Thank you so much,


So what was the final solution?

Same issue here. This message is extremely annoying esp. taking into consideration the fact that I have quite a big chunk of work in progress and cannot save it. What should I do?

Please help !


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Hi @nyno
Unfortunately i’m busy this days and couldn’t contact support team yet.
As KIT.SO said before, send your log file to the specified email address because this problem may be related only to your special case . I will send my own log soon and share the results here.
Good Luck

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The best idea is what both @Mamad and @Kit.So said: contact support.

Even so; I am wondering how you guys are trying to open your projects? I assuming using the standard dialogs, so “open project” (control-o), select either VP Online or Local file system and open the project from there?

I’m suffering from the same problem, and was wondering if you have found the solution

Hi Khalid,

Did you opened the project with another instance of VP?
Can you provide the steps or project configuration (e.g. project reference) to reproduce the problem?
Is the problem still persist after system restart?

I have the same problem, this is not the first a time. I think that issue is not specific to anyone, I usually have it when I don’t close a problem properly.

Hi Mbaye,

Thank you for your post. Could you tell me more about what you mean by not closing the program properly?

Best regards,
Jick Yeung