Amend or Delete Glossary Labels

Have accidentally created labels with ugly colour combinations (such that I can’t read the text!) or mispelled.

Cannot see any way to amend or delete an existing label. I’d settle for Delete (then I can just recreate it properly)

Where is this functionality hidden?

discovered a partial answer myself.

If you click on the label within the Glossary column you get the option to change its specs, Here you can change the spelling or colour. It also offers the option to remove a label from the labels list - which makes you think you can delete it from the list of labels. It doesn’t mean that. It only means delete it from that Glossary Item’s label list only.

That’s half the battle. Now tell us how to remove all traces of a label and we’re sorted!

There is a “Manage Labels” dialog can be shown from the Glossary Grid.


We should use a white text color on a dark fill color label. And black text color on a light fill color.
(as the above screenshot, the “Dark” label is showing the text in White color)
Can you tell us which color make you cannot read the text? (To let us check why we used a wrong text color)

Morning Peter
Thanks for pointing out where the label manager is.
Allows removal. Good.
Doesn’t allow “sorting”; (either manual or auto). Bad. But it will only become an issue if we create more than about a dozen labels. I’m currently on 11.

Can’t give you the exact colour codes for the unreadable because, as soon as I found the edit method, I changed it. but it was Black on Red. And it may have caused me more of a problem than most because I’m red-green colour blind.

While I’ve got your attention, is anyone contemplating the feature suggestion I made the other day? That would make my life a lot easier and I suspect that would be true for anyone else making extensive use of the the glossary. For example, I’ve so far created 142 glossary entries but 43 of those are simply Xrefs (eg abbreviations, plurals, alternate refs) to the substantive entry. So a little under 1 in 3 entries require a two step process from me and a two step process from the eventual reader.