BizAgi throwing an error on Visual Paradigm BPMN export


I’m almost 100% sure that is not an issue w Visual Paradigm.

I’m having problems having BizAgi load a BPMN export from Visual Paradigm.

I’m getting the following error message.


Have any of you come around this in the past?

Thanks in advance for your guys time - :+1:

With all due respect but I think this question is better asked on the BizAgi forums. Thing is: both companies (Visual Paradigm and BizAgi) have many overlapping services and within that context I think it’s safe to say both are competitors.

So yeah, I don’t think it’s appropriate to use a companies services to discuss the competition, at least not in public.

Over the past months I’ve been working on a (hobby) project for my blog which involves pretty much all the currently available modeling tools, including this one. Next week I plan to focus on the XMI format after which my project comes to an end and I should have all material I need for one of my most ambitious blog posts so far.

If I come across something like this as well and spot a workaround I’ll contact you through private messaging.

Still, you might want to check out those other forums for this.

Hey ShelLuser,

I respect your opinion.

My intention was not to discuss competition or even take sides. I would agree with you if I was talking about Sparx. That’s a true Visual Paradigm competitor. BizAgi is a full fledge BPM engine. They so happen to be one of the first companies to bring to market a decent BPMN modeler. For the record, I have exported the same diagram to Camunda which opened it without incident. My customers already use specific tools and I have to work around that.

In sharing my experiences here, I want to engage on constructive conversation with others, and find work arounds to the challenges I face while using Visual Paradigm.

Our company had tested compatibility of BPMN between VP and Sparx EA and found that the BPMN exported from VP can import to Sparx EA without major issues. The only problem we experienced is the multiple state data object (which is very good concept for reuse the data object throughout the process) cannot import to EA, but it looks like a EA problem since it complains cannot handle element with multiple instances. We finally choose VP as our BP modeling tool.

So for your case it looks like the problem is on BizAgi. It’s better to send them a report on this and let them fix it for you :slight_smile:

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