BPMN - Hierarchy Problems - Subdiagrams


I’m have a bit of a problem w sub-diagrams.

I have a sub-process activity that has a subprocess.

When I go to the sub-diagram I don’t see the parent diagram.

Any ideas of what could be the problem?

Thank you

Hi Filipe,

I’ve forwarded your problem to our engineers to check, I’ll get back to you when there’s any news.

Thank you,


Is it possible that this is related to the fact that sub diagrams get moved into the hierarchy of the main diagram?

From a BPMN stand point the difference between a subprocess and an activity is whether the subprocess exists in it’s own instance (activity) or it exists within the instance of the calling process (subprocess).

However, it seems that within VA I can only reference a subprocess with a subprocess activity once. If I need to call the same subprocess multiple times I need to use the call activity.

Is that the case?

Yes Filipe, you need to use Call Activity instead if you want to keep the model element hierarchy unaffected, as mentioned in the previous post.