BPMN - How to create a "master lane"?


I’ve created a module for Participants & Roles and another for Pools & Lanes (as depicted below).


The idea is to be able to drag and drop pools to BPMN diagrams.

Things seem to be working w pools however, I haven’t yet caught up with the lanes.

My objective is so I don’t have a pool in one of my BPMN diagrams that has the “M” (master marker). I would like to have a “lane master” that I could only drag and drop on top of my pools.

Am I missing something?

Thank you in advance :grinning::+1:

That’s also not going to work out because a lane is always tied to a pool. You can see that for yourself if you check the model explorer whilst in your diagram: the pools are visible as separate models but the lanes will always be related to a specific pool. So if you drag the lane into your diagram you’ll also be adding the pool it’s a part of.

Well, one way to do that is to simply turn of all the indicators :wink:

A little more serious though: although there’s nothing wrong with that approach it does make me wonder why you’d want to focus on that? Because although the use of different views definitely has its advantages there will also be times when their use isn’t very useful.

Still, there is an easy trick to accomplish this: create all the model elements outside your diagrams, so using the model explorer for example:

This would create the master in your model repository so to speak, not associated with any specific diagram. As a direct result you can now drag it into any diagram of your choosing and that will always create a new auxiliary view.

I suppose an advantage here is that you’d never risk of accidentally deleting your model elements because every time you delete something from your diagram it’ll only be a view and nothing more.

But on the other hand I also can’t help wonder if this doesn’t over complicate things. But that’s a question I cannot answer :wink: This is actually what I personally consider to be one of VP’s key strengths: 2 individual users can easily have 2 totally different workflows. The key here is to always use what works best for you.

I hope this can help!

Yes it is possible. Right-click on the pool in Model Explorer, select “Model Element” > “New Model Element”. In the “New Model Element” dialog box, type “Lane” in “Model element type” and then you can select to create a lane under the pool.

To visualize the pool together with lanes, just select both the pool and lanes in Model Explorer and drop it to the BPMN diagram.

If you only drag and drop the pool, only the pool will be visualized. But you can show the currently not visible lanes anytime using the “Show Lane” popup menu item as shown below:

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Hey Antony.

I’m officially impressed. You guys resolved a problem that I noticed in other similar platform.

The fact that I can declare all the roles of a system and that I can drag and drop them at will to any lane is seriously cool.

This is awesome stuff. :bowing_man: