BPMN - Incorrect message


I’m connecting two activities within the same pool (I only have one pool in the diagram)
However VP thinks that there are multiple pools.

How can this happen?

Is there a way to confirm that I have no “ghost pools” in my diagram?

Please advise.

Well, the error message mentions a Gateway. That’s not an activity.

I just tried to reproduce this problem with activities (and a gateway) but I can’t, so I think this is probably something specific for your project. How are you trying to connect these by the way? Using the resource catalog (small square which appears in the upper right corner once you select a model element) or by selecting the sequence flow from the palette?

The project browser (control-shift-b) should be able to display them all:

Be sure to select the ‘Model structure’ tab though, otherwise you’ll only see the model elements. But always with Visual Paradigm there are more ways to achieve a certain goal, the ‘Model explorer’ pane is also quite useful for this:

See the ‘Panes’ option on the ‘View’ tab.

So here I made a test BPMN diagram with one pool (“Main”) and added some basic logic. As you can see the (call) activities aren’t connected but no matter how I try to connect them I never get the error message.

So my advice would be to check the diagram with either the project browser or the model explorer to see if there really aren’t any more pools in that project.

Hope this can help!

Hi Filipe,

This message shows when you connect a gateway and a flow object, and they belong to different pools. Note that even if you only have one pool in the diagram (let’s name it P1), this message would show if:

  • Gateway belongs to “no pool” AND flow object belongs to P1
  • Gateway belongs to P1 AND flow object belongs to “no pool”

If you think both of them should be in the same pool because they are visually inside the pool, you may need to verify that they are indeed in the same pool in model element level. This can be done by, as ShelLuser has suggested, checking either the Project Browser or Model Explorer.

Hope this helps,