Bpmn overlap connector and task

There are line jumps for connectors to make overlapping connectors more readable. However, I cannot find an option to do a similar action to avoid ugly and unreadable overlap of connectors and tasks.


How can we avoid this kind of overlap?

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It is possible, somewhat, but for that you’d need to let Visual Paradigm sort out your diagram layout for you. See the layout option in the ‘Diagram’ toolbar:

Unfortunately it seems that the ‘order’ option (which allows you to move elements to the fore or background) doesn’t apply to connectors, so your only option as far as I can see is to re-direct it.

Hi Inge,

Agree with ShelLuser that you can make use of our auto layout features to arrange the diagram in various styles. And yes, the connectors must be above all shapes and thus you cannot control the relative z-order between a connector and a shape.

There is also a layout feature that can control the routing of connector without affecting the rest of the diagram, as in screenshot, you can choose to route selected connectors using either organic or orthogonal style.

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