BPMN - Sequence flow get a live of their own



I just opened my diagram and I have encountered this situation. One of the activities shifted from its original lane, and the sequence connectors become “creative”.


Please advise.

Thank you, Filipe


Hi Filipe,

Are you able to reproduce the problem from beginning?
If so, please provide steps.

Even unable to reproduce problem
Please keep tell us what actions you have done before.
e.g. add lane, delete lane, show lane, move lane…
It will help us to investigate the problem.


We have complex processes.
Difficult to tell you what I did because the problem occurs when you close the diagram and re-open it.

Every time I need to close and re-open a diagram I wish not too many things are broken.


We understand it is hard to describe all steps.
Could you tell us what type of actions you have performed before reopen project?

For example, if your actual steps are

  1. Move three tasks
  2. Draw new lane
  3. Reorder lane
  4. Use sweeper
  5. Move two sub-processes
  6. Draw five connectors
  7. Save and reopen project

You can tell us

  • Move and draw (shape and connector)
  • Draw and reorder Lane
  • Use sweeper

With provided actions, we will try our best to reproduce your problem.
It is more possible to reproduce you problem because
we can reduce those actions you haven’t mention.


I actually don’t do anything.

I close VP at the end of the day.
Then I have to open the project to discuss and review w several steak holders.

This is what the same diagram looked like today, after I corrected them from the earlier print screen I shared at the beginning of this post.


Today things go even worst. I have several points in the BPMN that sequence flows are now oblique.


Yesterday I had a section during which I changed sequence flows.


Does below correct?

You have move and draw connectors or shapes, then you save project.
After that, you open project for discussion purpose.
And you found Sequence Flow’s turning points may wrong.

The project is not a teamwork managed project.
It is not invoke teamwork commit or update.


yes. That is correct.


This is just my idea on the whole situation and obviously I can’t speak on behalf of the support team. But would it be possible for you to sent them this diagram? I think that’s the best way for them to investigate what is going on. It would also rule out the possibility of this being an issue on your end or if this is a problem with the diagram itself.

Now… I honestly have no idea what’s going on here because I’ve never seen this before (so please excuse me if I’m saying something silly) but I can’t help wonder: are you by any chance using the ‘pin’ option? So if you add a connector, do you use the pin function to force them in place? That’s about the only explanation I can come up with for something like this to happen.

Hope this can still help somewhat.