Can we Export to HTML

Couldn’t see an option to export drawings to html.

Is that because it doesn’t exist or was I looking in the wrong place? (project - export)

Correct, that’s not supported. Only real formats are such as image types (gif, jpg, etc.) and containing types (XML and XMI).

So your best option is to export an image format and then use that in your HTML.


Or to follow Kit’s advice below :slight_smile:

Shame. That must be the one area where my dagramming tool to date (Smartdraw) has an advantage over VP.


Are you going to export a report like that?

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Yes, that right, you can “Publish Project as Web Content” using Project Publisher as mentioned in the Page:

“Publish Project as Web Content
A web-based project browser can be useful in knowledge sharing within a team or organization. In Visual Paradigm you can produce such as project browser using Project Publisher. The published content contains all the information of the project, including diagrams, elements’ description, properties, internal and external references, etc. With high navigability, you can easily jump between different kinds of content, for instance to click on a shape in a diagram to populate its details.

So it can be done. Just did a trial on my project and worked a treat (apart from exposing how much rubbish I have to clean up)

Awesome, Kit to the rescue!

To be honest I also learned something new here, I also looked into the direction of the export features.

Apart from Publish Project, you can also compose your own document by Doc. Composer.