Cannot save my work!


Dear All,

I cannot save my work.

I get either
“file already in use” mssg


“Version 15.1 (20180932)
java.sql.BatchUpdateException: batch entry 0: [SQLITE_CANTOPEN] Unable to open the database file (unable to open database file)”.

I can see all my work on the screen but I cannot save it at all and I do not want to loose it.

Please help.



Have you tried save as another file?


Yes. No success.

Exporting does not work either. It says - you need to save the file first :slight_smile:




Could you please send the following files to and include the link to this post in the Email?

  1. Log file, you can export from Help > About
  2. Workspace folder, you can find in Help > Switch Workspace

And please try to export XMI, XML, Excel to backup your project.



After some trial and error, here is what I found.

The issue was Windows 10 and its restrictions.

To modify the restrictions you need to go to:
Defender Security Center >> Virus threat protection >> Controlled folder access
VP must be added as an exception to the rule (ProgramFiles\VisualParadigm\bin\Visual Paradigm.exe)

Running VP in admin mode also solves the issue.

(my work was unfortunately lost but redrawing it was not as long as expected)

Thanks for your support,




Thanks for sharing @nyno!