Change Member Permissions in Tasifier Projects

Hi guys,
I have a very strange problem in Tasifier.
Why Assignee of a Task, can change the Assignee of that Task ???
I made a task in a project that have two members with Read only permission.
Then i changed Assignee of that Task to one of them
Problem is that the Assignee can change Assignee of task to another one But i dont want he has this permission.
How limit Task Assignee in Tasifier to cant change Assignee of task ?

Any idea ??? :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:


Sorry that we do not support this permission.
All project members are allowed to post, change assignee…etc, but all these activities are logged.

Thanks for your answer.
Another question that i have is that does a task can have more than one Assignee(Two or more project member for doing task) and more than one Verifier(Two or more project member for Verifing task) ?


We do not support more than one assignee concurrently. But you can define stages with different assignee, when 1st stage complete, it’ll assign to 2nd stage’s assignee…, until the last stage, it’ll assign to verifier (only one).
You can also use stages to achieve multiple verifiers (e.g. task with assignee and final verifier, with stage 2 assignee to 1st verifier)

Well , but the problem with phases is that the next phase can not begin until all previous phases are complete by their assignees. Can we have parallel phases ? i mean all phases in task open in same time for their assignee.

Another funny problem in Tasifier is that when a task is completed by its Assignee and also verified and closed by Verifier, any body in project can re-open that task again !!!
why ??? i cant understand why any body in project have permission to do every action he want?

I think visual paradigm team need a very essential review on user permissions in Tasifier.

You can modify task dependency in task pool’s Gantt chart.

Tasifier was designed to allow project members to update tasks, but we it will be logged and traceable.

Thank you for your suggestion and I’ll forward your comment to our team.

Ok,Thank you :pray:

Hi again,
dear KiT.SO
I found another concerns during my one week experiences with Tasifier.
We will be happy if you forward the following problems to your Team because we are analyzing Tasifier to use it for managing tasks in a big organization and it depends on fixing some problems
Here they are :

1- Problems with user permissions include :
a. every body in project can see the full list of tasks in project -> limit permission of watching task to special users( probably just assignee , verifier and followers )

b. every body in project can kick off , close or even delete task pools -> limit this permission to special users

c.every body in project can see other members tasks -> dont get users this permission

d.every body in project can change assignee and verifier of tasks -> limit this permission to only some users (probably only verifier and creator of task)

e.every body in project can change start/end date,name and other specification of tasks and also add new stages and sub tasks -> limit it only to creator of task

f.every body in project can re-open completed tasks -> limit it only to verifier

2- Other Problems:
g. Adding hour and Minutes for Start/finish time is possible only when we open Gantt chart .it means users have to open Gantt Chart for each task to see hour and minute of start/finish time .

h.capabilities like exporting reports to word,pdf,etc will be very useful.

OK, thanks for the comments and forwarded.

Hi Mamad,

I would like to let you know that we enhanced Tasifier to support read only permission in 15.1:

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Thank you so much :ok_hand: