Connector Labels are being clipped at the bottom and change place



I’m noticing that my labels on my BPMN diagrams are showing clipped and are consistently changing place after I close the diagrams and re-open them again.

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Is there any setting I can set to prevent this behavior?

I’m preparing to show the models to the customer and it doesn’t help that I set things like I want them and they when I reopen the diagram, things are not quite the same as I left them.

Thanks for the clarification.


Hi Filipe,

We are very sorry for the inconvenience that caused. We are checking the cause of the problem, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.

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Hi Filipe,

We try to use the vpp file you have sent us in the previous post to try to repeat the problem but with no success. If you have another vpp file that can repeat this problem, can you send to us? And it would be easier for us to diagnose the problem if you can also send us your vp.log file, thank you very much.

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I waited with responding for the VP staff because I don’t have any idea what could be wrong. But I still hope this can be of some use…

I tried to reproduce these glitches as well but couldn’t no matter what I tried. But it did make me wonder about some points:

Do you pin your connectors all the time? I noticed that I got the best results if you don’t pin everything but only some specific connectors which you really want to be in a specific position and they always snap back to another default. Although I can’t back this up with proof (never tested it in-depth) but I always got the impression that if you pin too many connectors then this works counter productive (one can affect the other).

Do you use different levels by any chance? So: do you bring items to the front or the back to make them overlap as best as possible. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then the answer is obviously no :wink:

This probably doesn’t apply but I do want to rule it out: always make sure that you’re using the latest Java (1.8u144 at the time of writing). Differences between the 1.8 releases aren’t that spectacular but it does help to be sure that you’re on 1.8 and not an older version.

Probably won’t help but I figured I’d post anyway.


I’m using the Mac version. How are you trying to reproduce these issues?


Hi, I have also came across a rather annoying situation this time involving BPMN text annotations and associations.

The association link has a tendency to move to the middle of the embedded sub-process, which is exactly on top of the “-” that I must use to collapse the embedded subprocess.

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Please advise.



For the record, I’m working with the appropriate java runtime.



Since you had problems reproducing this problem, I have decided to make a video. I can’t attached the mp4 but I will send it to customer support email.



Well, I’m basing myself on your pictures and recreate that part of the diagram after which I try to apply and mess with settings which theoretically could influence things. So, for example, after setting up a diagram I tried to bring model elements to the front and back to see if that influenced things.

I also tried if other (unrelated) elements could be interfering. For example: I couldn’t help notice that both labels under the decision nodes (your first shared picture) were cut off, so I wondered if there might be some (invisible) element(s) which somehow affected both those labels. And I also started experimenting with alignment and layout options.

Just so we’re clear: I’m merely an enthusiastic fellow VP user who simply enjoys trying to help others (also because I hope to learn more about the VP this way). But although I have a solid amount of experience I’ll be the first to admit that there’s plenty of stuff which I don’t know about yet.

Good call! If there’s anyone who can make heads or tails out of this it’s them. And if there’s one thing I learned about VP (the company) over the years it’s that they’re always doing their best to help us out with our problems.

The only idea I have left is to try using a fresh environment. Help tab => ‘Switch workspace’ option. Your workspace is where VP stores its (local) data, this includes diagrams but also (preference) settings. You could try to point that to a new (empty) directory. This would start VP somewhat fresh without any of your preferences and other settings.

Then locate & load this project and see if it reacts in the same way. If it behaves normally then my guess is that some customization options somehow started to interfere (though I can’t really imagine how that would work).

And if it doesn’t change anything then there’s no problem: just switch workspaces again and this time point it to your previous workspace folder, then everything is back to the way it was.


Hi Filipe,

We have tried to repeat the label clipped problem on Mac OSX but still failed. ShelLuser has mentioned a good point which you can try - that is run VP in a new workspace to see whether the problem persists. If it works fine in new workspace then you can send us your current workspace so we can diagnose what settings caused the problem. Thank you very much.



Hey Antony.

I followed the suggestion from ShelLuser and the problem doesn’t seem to continue.


p.s. - I still have the other issues with expanding and collapsing inline subprocesses.


Hi Filipe,

Glad to know that this solved your problem :grinning:. If you don’t mind and have time, you may want to send us your problematic workspace so we can check what settings caused the issue.

Regarding the expand/collapse sub-process issue, it should have fixed and our staff will soon notify you. Thank you.