Consider enabling Doc Composer in Modeler Edition

As a Modeler Edition user, I’m concerned that the ability to produce PDFs of my models is considered an Obsolete feature. Thankfully you can still enable it by going into Application Options -> General -> Environment -> Document Generation (Obsolete).

I request that some form of Doc Composer functionality be enabled for Modeler users like myself. If Document Generation support is completely removed in a future version, without an alternative like Doc Composer, we’ll be forced to look at leaving Visual Paradigm.

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I’m a former die-hard Modeler user myself (been using it for years, I still have the license but also upgraded to Enterprise in the mean time (it’s a long story :wink: )) but I’m not too sure I agree.

See, Doc Composing has never been an official feature of the Modeler Edition, it is only provided for the Standard Edition and up, see also this feature overview.

But having said that I can definitely agree that it seems logical to at least have an option to export to PDF format. You can export to several other (graphical) formats which could basically be used to generate a PDF again. So it kind of makes sense to keep this combined.

I agree Doc Composer hasn’t been a Modeler feature. The feature that is now defaulted to off, to which I’m referring adds a “Doc” button with “Generate HTML”, “Generate PDF”, and “Generate Word” options to the Tools tab. During some release last year or so, they marked it obsolete and added the buried option to re-enable it.

I’m just hoping that before they remove it completely, they re-enable some way to obtain PDF (or other) output.

I can fully agree with that. Well, one way to find out :slight_smile:

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