Continuously saving the model


I am using Version 13.2 (Build 20161101) on Linux Mint 17.3. Evaluation license.

I have strange problem in that VP is continuously saving the model file (the .vpp file). It is saved at least every 10 seconds, even though I haven’t touched VP for almost an hour. This puts a load on my automatic backup software and my dev machine.

Any idea how to stop this. I have searched google and tried to find some option to disable it, but no luck. I intend to by a licence of VP, but this inconvenience must be resolved first.

Kind regards, LEO

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I am also facing the same issue.

Can you give us a little more information such as the version and the OS you’re using?

Also: how did you determine that VP is constantly saving data? Because as far as I can tell the auto-save feature has been removed quite a while ago.

Sorry I was not clear in my query.

I am using OS = Windows 10. My Visual Paradigm version is 15.1 (Build 20181003).

Whenever I am saving my project file (.vpp) automatically backup file (.vpp.bak_xxxx) is being created.

Also, backup files are created by default on Opening the project file.

Can this backup file creation be stopped? Please advise.

Ok, now I understand what you’re getting at. This is not something us users can control right now, the backup files are automatically generated and I can’t find any references in the option screens.

Keep in mind though that these files do have an important purpose: they help protect the integrity of your main project file, and allow you to recover from any accidental or unwanted changes.

Oh Thanks!
So may be in some later versions they introduce this option.


Just in case anybody does read this, I have the same issue. Look, I’m using MacOS. I have time machine running backups. I am doing my work on a drive that automatically versions files when they are saved. That’s not really new, I had that back in the 1970’s. Some of us really have no need for VP to be cluttering up our disk with other copies of the project. It would be really, really nice if we could disable this feature. And, it’s kind of annoying when developers only consider their own experience, they really need to explore other scenarios their customers may use. Asking for feedback is always good :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your comment. We’ll consider support this option in future version.

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