Corruption in Model Data

trying to add Diagram as reference (which I’ve done about a thousand times already in this model) and the diagram I want to link to no longer appears in the list.

It IS there if I use the link option on the other side of the object (sub_diagram) and it HAS been there previously (I’ve successfully linked several other objects to it the same way)

a) how is this possible?
b) how do we fix it?

I vaguely recall having a problem which was obviously caused by data corruption in the model some weeks back. I identified the corruption by virtue of the model size. It was obviously bloated and had leapt from about 4mb to 8 with almost no additional data.

At that time, I found some way to “pack” the data and that fixed it. I’d like to repeat that trick now because I suspect it would fix this instance as well but I didn’t make a note of where I found it and I hadn’t raised it here.

Anyone got a clue what I must have done then and where I can go to try it again?

half an hour after posting the above, the relevant diagram has reappeared in the list of those available to link to. Its absence lasted, therefore, about 75 minutes in total.

Does that provide anyone with a clue as to what might be going on? (I should add that it had already tried closing and reopening VP, during the absence, with no effect.)

I call that the Murphy effect. It also often happens to me when asking a question on a forum. Very often I suddenly find the solution myself shortly after asking.

I’ve never experienced this myself before. How big was your project, and were both diagrams within the same Model?

I am familiar with a similar phenomenon I call “the engineer effect”. It can be both positive and negative. Sometimes whenever I turn up on site, something breaks as I’m parking the car so I’m greeted as the hero of the hour. More often, I’m called out to fix something which spontaneously fixes itself as soon as the user tries to demonstrate the problem.

This, however, was neither. I’ve seen something similar once before in VP but that was when the model was clearly corrupted. It may or may not be corrupt at the moment but it seems fairly stable (although some of the problems I’ve reported previously have not gone away - eg the misplaced cursor in text editing).

The model is currently 5.5 mb and yes, both diagrams are within the same model (not even aware how you would/could link to a diagram within a different model; but I have learned how to export diagrams from one model to make them available within others)

Can’t claim any credit for the “fix”. The only thing I’d attempted was rebooting VP. That didn’t work. It was 20 minutes after that when the “missing” diagram decided to reappear…