Dashboard inconsistent between IE and Firefox


I see two different dashboard when logged in as the same user, depending on which browser I use.

Product version: 15.0
Product build number: 20180620bs

I’m pretty sure that the cause is related to your MSIE setup and not so much Visual Paradigm. When I try to access my VPository using an even older version I have no problems at all:

I simply can’t reproduce any problems here.

So my suggestion would be to check your MSIE settings, maybe you have a few extensions installed which could cause this behavior?

Of course the easier solution would be to simply use FireFox. Support for MSIE is pretty much waning as of late.

I’m not sure, but maybe the dashboard was working correctly in IE prior to upgrading to 20180620bs. I can’t be sure.



We support IE 9+, and IE compatibility mode run as IE 7, please uncheck Display intranet sites in Compatibility View setting in Compatibility View Settings.

We also fixed the layout issue in IE, and will be available in next hotfix.


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