Dear VP: did you just give us local version control back?

Hi gang!

At the time of writing I’m in the process of setting up a new project and decided to add that to my VPository (it might get more attention from others, and what better way to share?). I ran into some issues and decided to first save the project locally. Then I saw this:

Note the option in the middle? See, I remember this thread where people complained about the loss of SVN support.

Am I right to conclude that you guys are now busy adding local version control so that users can share their projects on their LAN without using the Internet?

This is very exciting!

The local repository, A.k.a Personal Local Server, is to allow user use VPository related features our a pure local environment (without Internet access required), including version control and other VPository related features such as web-diagram, Tasifier, JIT process, etc (subject to client’s license). The local repository is for personal use only and with the following limitations:

  • The version control repository is limit to 1GB size (same as using the free VPository cloud service). Only project managed under local repository will being count for the storage space. If your project is not save to local repository then it will not consume the space, but of course it won’t have version control support.
  • The local repository is for personal use, it do not provide team collaboration capabilities. i.e. you cannot create new user account on local repository. For team collaboration you still need to use the VPository or the on-premises Teamwork Server.
  • Each workspace can either associate with VPository, or on-premises Teamwork Server, or local repository. A single workspace cannot work with multiple server connections.
  • Currently projects are not transferable between VPository, on-premises Teamwork Server and local repository.

Hope this can clear-up your inquiry. Feel free to contact me for any questions and wish you have a good day!

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Rain Wong

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Very good to know, thank you for clarifying this. Still an exciting new feature I think, though I obviously prefer using VPository :slight_smile: