Delete "Checked Out" project

Hello team,
I am new to VP. I am having issues updating the project from Team Repository. As a workaround one of my colleague suggested to delete the local project and again “Check Out”.
Can you please let me know, how to DELETE the local “Checked Out” project from the MAC machine.

Would appreciate the help.

Removing the project won’t be necessary, it’s easy to force the client to update though. Start VP, go to the ‘Team’ tab and start ‘Teamwork client’, you’ll find it under “Utilities”.

This will show you a list of all your currently checked out projects. Find the one you need, right click and then you can use ‘Revert local’ to make sure that your local changes will be removed.

If you insist on removing… From that same client window click the “Manage projects” icon in the toolbar, find the project you want to ‘remove’ and click on it. Then click on the < icon in the middle, this will ‘move’ the project back “into” the repository. In other words: remove the managed project from your local client. Click ‘ok’ and the project should be gone from the list of projects in the teamwork client.

Close the teamwork client, open the project tab and click on ‘open’. Your ‘VP Online’ (I assume that’s the name) should list the project you want to check out. Click it, then click ‘Open’ and it will be checked out again.

Thanks a ton Peter